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Friday, April 17, 2015

Why D3 Is So Important In Pregnancy- A Quick Introduction

Why should I take D3?
D3 is essential for proper brain function and healthy growth of babie's brain as well as highly recommended while breastfeeding to continue to support the bodies systems and the babies.

What is the function of D3? And how much should I take? 
Without enough vitamin D, it wouldn't matter how much calcium you ate to keep your bones strong because vitamin D controls the absorption of dietary calcium. Vitamin D also regulates the growth of cells, including cells that activate your immune response and kill bacteria. Ongoing research suggests that vitamin D may help prevent cancer and lower blood pressure. Since you can’t be certain how much vitamin D your body makes from sunlight, you 

should include 15 micro grams, or 600 international units, of vitamin D in your daily diet.

Although I've known doctors to prescribe much more than this, specially in pregnancy. You can always requests a test to check your D levels at your doctors office. Or check in with your Midwife to see what they suggest. Most people will benefit from a much larger level of D3 added to their daily routine than they imagine. Research also shows that D3's taken while breastfeeding continue to aide in the babies brain development and even contribute to health or above average, language and development of basic motor skills. (More on this in a separate post!) 

Which foods have it? 
Most foods aren't natural sources of vitamin D, which is why milk is fortified with 100 international units per cup. Other types of dairy products may be enriched with vitamin D, but since enrichment is not required, check the nutrition facts label to check for the amounts. The best natural sources are fish, especially trout and salmon, which have approximately all the recommended daily value in a 3-ounce serving. The same portion of canned tuna, halibut and rock-fish has 156 to 229 international units. You’ll get 44 international units from a large egg. The vitamin D in mushrooms varies because some are purposefully exposed to ultraviolet light to increase the amount.

But I thought Fish we're safe to eat in pregnancy? 
You can eat a variety of seafood that's low in mercury and high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as:
  • Salmon
  • Anchovies
  • Herring
  • Sardines
  • Trout
  • Atlantic and Pacific mackerel
Other safe choices include shrimp, pollock and catfish. However, limit albacore tuna and tuna steak to no more than 6 ounces (170 grams) a week. Also, be aware that while canned light tuna on average appears safe, some testing has shown that mercury levels can vary from can to can.

Here are some D3's that look good, in terms of their certifications! Check em out. (I do not receive compensation from these manufacturers, just FYI.) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Herd Immunity, Big Pharma Vaccine Research Vs True Research and Common Ground

Hard to believe that anyone believes that vaccines only affect the fraction of human life they claim to affect, rather than a much larger number as would seem rational considering that the Federal Government has had to establish a "special trust" just to cover the overwhelming human damages by vaccines! And considering that vaccine manufacturers have managed to shed the liability of the damages they cause by being granted special government pardons and privileges. I would say this fact alone says enough about the factual effect of vaccines on the human body without even getting into the overwhelming scientific debat-er (debate-banter coined together.) that inevitably ensues every time someone asks me in an open forum "should we vaccinate?". I generally do not advice people to vaccinate or not vaccinate on MY personal beliefs, or in fact advice them on anything based on my personal philosophies, one thing which tends to stand out about my childbirth classes, I think, for most couples, from what I have heard. If someone were to ask me how "I" feel, I would honestly say, I don't think I would vaccinates my children, unless I'm going to be traveling the world, or heading to India or Central America. Since my personal philosophy involves respecting the child as you would any adult, I also won't be circumcising or making such personal choices for my child. You may think that's very "hippy" of me, being a Student Midwife and all, but you are wrong. I just don't think my children will "belong" to me. I would never consider them an extension of me and thus would try to provide them as much personal choice as can be permitted by the circumstances.

And believe me, I know what lays on the shoulders of every deciding couple, the new mother and father, scared or at least concerned about their new child's welfare. With the scary information about how such and such horrible thing happened to an un-vaccinated child as well as a the vaccinated one, parents must be feeling intense societal pressure.

All I can tell you is, do your own research, try to get as many FACTS as possible. And be LOGICAL.

One of the things that stick out in my mind about vaccines is the damages fund. It really kinda makes me ponder on it. I've seen it referred to in a vaccine disclosure at "1" hospital only, here in Hollywood (Los Angeles), California. And it was a a LARGE HMO hospital that gave the information to one of my parents. Very nonchalantly at that! The flier said something to tune of "how wonderful and safe" vaccines were, for the most part of two pages, than on the right, bottom corner it said something like "by the way, you are forfeiting your rights to sue us and the vaccine maker if you choose to vaccinate, however if your child gets damaged by vaccines, here's the number and website for this special Federal trust fund for damages due to vaccines, etc.".
First of all there is the scary fact that such a disclosure is needed.
Secondly, there is the scary fact that I have only seen it a "1" ONE hospital. Why are the rest of the hospitals NOT handing this out to parents???

I've deduced it to this. Since we're NEVER going to get a CLEAN, TRUE study produced by Big Pharma, and every time the little guy manages to fund an independent vaccine study, it is proven that Big Pharma has a lot more money to spend. Not just on funding Studies but on buying Lobbies and Lobbyist, it is only common sense that going about it this way is a waste of money, time and effort for the good guy. Unless we are only to use such studies as a personal reference. As the endless amounts of propaganda by Big Pharma and Special Interests are endless. It is clear we must find another way to spread the truth.

One way would be to invoke and ensure that the government does NOT and cannot enforce vaccines in any manner, as it being a personal choice, we must retain the Right to Refuse due to Religion and OR Personal Belief, not just religion, we should have the RIGHT to refuse as informed consumers. It is astonishing to me that anyone would try to rebuke that right.

It is clear that if vaccines were as effective as they are promoted to be, that you would not see infected people with diseases they have been "vaccinated" for. Yes I understand there are different strains of the disease which could mutate, which is exactly the reason why vaccines are a mute point, in the first place, at least currently the way the are made. And yes, I understand the science behind them- Herd Immunity and all. Which looks great at first glance, however, just like many types of Government which look appealing at first glance, once you read the fine print and get down to who's going to be doing what, soon after lose their shine.

Vaccines based on initial scientific theories which are flawed because to quote an Amazing movie that doesn't deserve to be connected to this trashy argument... "Life Will Find A Way", and sure enough it always does. As if we haven't learned yet, from our extensive over use of antibiotics, that bugs mutate and our extensive and aggressive pressure to c-section mothers that all interventions are not helpful nor provide long term survival to us humans, just because they are "preventive measures".

We will eventually perhaps learn that the "nutty people who don't vaccinate"- that being me and whoever else is on my "wavelength" to use a 60's word- were actually right.

In regards to "Herd Immunity" Food for Thought: In order for this theory to be accurate- You would need to take into consideration the numerous variables in the general populace which are basically endless, But here are some super basic things to look at:

A.) The damage to the personal immune system of each person and neurological damage to the body after vaccines. Making the person more prone to disease. ( Could it be said that it is worth the risk and long term effect?)

B.) What would you do about people who naturally are born or predisposed with weaker immune systems, allergic reactions, sensitives and already have some neurological damage or genetic conditions. (Their reaction to vaccines is likely to be more damaging if not alarming.)

C.) Inherent allergic reactions. (Reactions to vaccine components could be as alarming as death!) You may think that the "small percentage" of dead children are worth it. But what about the parents of the child who doesn't make it? Will they think it was worth it?

And the most unpredictable of all points...

D.) Life mutates.  The bugs and viruses may be the "bad guys" in our little biological ecosystem, but they are in FACT trying to survive, and survive the best they can they will! Whether we want them to or not!

The right solution although it may seem naive of me. Would be to have the body naturally evolve into an immunity that will help it survive better not just in short term but the long term. And find a way to reduce the livelihood of bugs and viruses without the big cost of making the body toxic or compromising it's neurological ability and own natural immunity.

I know this is a problem for a few geniuses to solve. But I think we should get started on solving it.

The masses will always be led by propaganda, it is unlikely you will get past the innate ability to ignore common sense.

We as natural birthers, natural parents, natural practitioners will be attacked by western medicine until the cows come home. It is no secret they intend to keep medicine were it makes big profits.
Which includes the construction of very large facilities, the sale of very expensive machines, and the pushing of very expensive drugs and the paraphernalia for them.

If you have an idea on how we can move past this and enhance or protect the health of the population, please do spread your ideas around!

I hope this brought you something to consider.

Best Wishes and Much Love,
Claudia P. Silva

Friday, February 6, 2015

Home Breech Delivery Photographic Story!

Check this gorgeous photographic story with an un-diagnosed home breech delivery!
It is just gorgeous!
Goes to show that the level of interference in our modern day society on birthing mothers is just baseless. I love stories like this, that defy my training and "western medicine".

Much Love!

Photographic Story- Breech Home Birth

Friday, January 23, 2015

Unassisted Lotus Birthing Mother Interview

This is a great example of respect by the media towards a Mother who chooses to birth differently.
I was VERY impressed by the host, being so attentive and just sincere in his reactions. No drama and weirdness by the audience, they just listened.

I have to say, I am VERY impressed also, by what I'm assuming is Germany's C-Section percentage as it is WAY lower than ours! Sadly... for us. Great for them- 15% percent c-section rate! WOW!

And yet we have this mother making some very enlightened decisions about what was best for her in her births.

I was very happy to see this interview to the end. Enjoy!

A Word From My Most Recent Delivery. :)

Claudia was my godsend. Without her and her wonderful professionalism i wouldn't have had the amazing birth experience that I had hoped for. She went above and beyond the call of doula duty to help me and my family. I say with a whole and pure heart that she can handle any situation that comes at her and has a solution to every problem. My husband and I had a rough end to our pregnancy. with our due date fast approaching and no dr for delivery. ( insurance cancelled on me and my new insurance didn't issue me with a new Id util three days before my due date) We needed a solution fast. She efficiently found a team of midwives that would take me and my unborn daughter and helped us get the care we needed. My labor took 6 days with unpredictable patterns , keeping all of us on our toes and our planned situation was to have a birth at the beautiful Natural Birth & Women's Center, but within two hrs of my water breaking I went into full blown active labor, stranding me at home. She sped to my house at warp speed arriving just before the midwives, supporting me and helping me through the pain. When the rest of the Calvary arrived she helped me push and bring my beautiful little girl into this world. I love this woman to death! I'd be blessed to have her by my side again for my next child. Thank you Claudia for all you've done for us. I thank the heavens for you in my life when you arrived. Couldn't have asked for a better advocate and doula by my side.

 That's just the tip of the problems we had to go through but I would probably need to write a book to explain all the problems that arose, she solved each one. Lol. Love you Claudia. Did I say that already?? Lol (( hugs)) thank you again for all you've done and continue to do!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Real Footage of Developing Fetus Inside Womb! It may not be everyone's Cup of Tea, but Very Scientific!

I love this, simply because it shows real footage inside womb, not saying that it is easy to watch, sometimes these type of photos and video, can look scary to some moms. I understand completely.

No worries, if it's your type of video, enjoy it!

I just like it because of the science behind it, also I found it fascinating that you can hear everything very clearly inside the womb! So, it's something to consider!

Much Love,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

MOTHER FIGHTS BACK, AFTER FORCED C-SECTION, Patient Right # 6, The Right To Refuse Treatment

During the process of giving birth, Rinat Dray was in a vulnerable position. While trying to cope with labor contractions, she was wheeled to an operating room for a c-section, against her will. She is not a criminal; she is a mother. Yet her baby was forcibly cut out of her body during an invasive cesarean surgery, forced on her despite her refusal to consent and verbal outward cries for medical staff and Doctors to "Stop" the procedure and the mothers pleas. One can only shudder at the thought of being in such a terrible place....